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The scents of cinnamon warm the heart. The taste of ginger soothes the soul. The feel of vanilla wraps the body in the planet’s magic in a simple cup. The potions of the earth have surrounded human life since the dawn of time and the magic has long been intertwined in the cultures we carry in our blood lines. Like the shamans before us, tea is the nectar of the universe and cultivates the expansion of mind, body, and soul. Each perfectly crafted with the hidden treasures of the planet to benefit the body in way that are only limited by imagination.


Like the elements, there must be balance, a cohesive existence, the same is said about the human essence. Shamanic Teas utilizes the earth’s natural enchantment to bring forth teas that benefit you. The mojo that has been forgotten by time finds its home here in the teas we create with plants and herbs hidden by the forgotten connection.

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